“I probably learned more from you than any other instructor,and I’ve taken this training a lot.” — Jim E.

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Sponsoring a course is a great way to offer a medical courses at your location for your employees, members and the general public.

Many Scout Troops, Search and Rescue teams, Military and outdoor organizations host courses at a location of their choosing across the United States throughout the year. Sponsoring a course is also a great way to earn revenue for your group or organization!

Each year many sponsors recognize the value of our enthusiastic and knowledgeable educators, up-to-date curriculum materials, numerous recertification opportunities and our full service approach to helping them run high quality training programs. Well over 2,000 Campaign Pay It Forward students are providing emergency medical care across the globe, some have been recognized for lifesaving acts.

When you sponsor a Campaign Pay It Forward course, you are working with a full-service organization. Our professional staff strive to support your course and give you and your students the best experience possible.

We take customer service to heart!

We require a minimum of 30 days lead time (preferably 45 or more) prior to a desired course start date. This allows time for participants to register. Please also note that most instructors and owner work for the government full time. We started this organization in the hope of making cost more affordable, so if we do not get back to you right away, we might be out in a emergency rescuing someone, capturing criminals, taking care of your elderly, blowing things up, or eating crayons.

Interested in learning more about hosting a course at your location?

Please fill out the following form as completely as possible. The more information that we have regarding your organization and needs, the better we can serve you. Once you have filled out and submitted this form, someone from our admissions office will contact you with more information. You may also email us at info@campaignpayitforward.com for questions regarding course sponsorship and hosting.

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Sponsoring a course is a great way to offer medical courses at your location for your employees, members and the general public.

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***Coronavirus Alert – If you are sick or have reason to believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19, please reschedule your training to avoid exposing classmates.  All students will be held to the Terms and Conditions relative to illness and transfers.  Due to a small group size, all classes will be conducted as scheduled with adherence to CDC advisories.  We will only have class size of ten people.***