Campaign Pay it Forward



Open period February 1, 2017 to April 30, 2017.  Announcement will be made June 15, 2017

Essay questions are listed below under each scholarships. Minimum of two pages for essays.

Scholarship money will be given to schools with recipients name on it. No money will be given to recipients. Scholarship recipient will also receive free First Aid/CPR/AED class.

Cpl Binh Le - $1000

Criteria: Senior in high school who immigrated to the United States from a different country and is joining any of the armed forces or military school in the United States.

Essay Question: As a immigrant of another country, why are you choosing to serve in the United States military?

Military Youth - $1,000

Criteria: Be part of any military youth organization like Sea Cadets, Civil Air Patrol, Young marines, JROTC, AFJRTOC, MJROTC seeking to go into the military or college.

Essay Question: How has the military youth organization motivated you to better the community?

Pararescue - $1,000

Criteria: Senior in high school or college student who are applying for a medical degree or going into a medical MOS/AFSC. Also includes medical certification classes such as EMR to Paramedic or TCCC.

Essay Question: What does “So other may live” mean to you? How would you apply the motto to your everyday life?

Eagle Scout - $1,000

Criteria: Current Eagle Scouts seeking any college degree.

Essay Question: How are you going to use your Eagle Scout knowledge to better the community?

America Fitness - $500

Criteria: Senior in high school or college seeking any health & fitness related degrees.

Essay Question: How are you going to pioneer the effort for fitness in America?